JSC «MUBORAK NEFTGAZ TRANS» is a subdivision of the Joint Stock Company “Uzneftegazdobycha” with “Uzbekneftegaz” National Holding Company.
The supreme governing body is the General Meeting of Shareholders.
The Supervisory Board, elected by the General Meeting of shareholders, is responsible for general management of JSC «MUBORAKNEFTGAZTRANS», defines priorities, strategy and prospects, develops a strategy and medium-term challenges faced by JSC «MUBORAKNEFTGAZTRANS».
Information about the owners (shareholders):
At this time, the statutory fund of the company is 585 6000 UZS
Number of shares – 585 600 pieces.
Of them:
The share owned by JSC “Uzneftegazdobycha” – 51% – 298 660 pieces.
The share attributable to the UE “Uzneftegazdobycha” – 24.17% – 141 540 pieces.
The share of individuals – 24.83% – 145 400 pieces.
The largest shareholder is JSC “Uzneftegazdobycha”, which deals with the main production of hydrocarbons in the country.
JSC «MUBORAKNEFTGAZTRANS» has a license for long-distance transportation of goods in road transport, urban transport of goods in road transport, suburban transport of passengers in a car, suburban transportation of passengers by bus Kashkadarya issued by the territorial department of Agency for Automobile and River Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan History of the company
1982- Established Mubarek enterprise technological transport and special equipment for the provision of transport services to the enterprises of oil and gas industry.
1995 By order of the territorial administration of the State Property Committee of Uzbekistan Kashkadarya region of 711. 13.07.1995g.№ transformed into open joint stock company “Muborakneftgaztrans”, then translated into Latin script of «MUBORAKNEFTGAZTRANS».
2014 Eliminated ownership and name change produced by JSC «MUBORAKNEFTGAZTRANS». activity
The main services of JSC «MUBORAKNEFTGAZTRANS» is provision of paid transportation services to legal entities oil and gas companies in accordance with the concluded contracts and individuals, repair and provision of technical services to all types of vehicles, provision of paid transportation services for transportation of petroleum products, the provision of paid transportation services for the carriage of passengers on a rotational basis .
JSC «MUBORAKNEFTGAZTRANS» is composed of 2 special convoys, repair and mechanical workshops for the repair and overhaul of vehicles, petrol station.
JSC «MUBORAKNEFTGAZTRANS» occupies an area – 12,07 hectares.
The JSC «MUBORAKNEFTGAZTRANS» payroll number on 01.01.2016 year is 124 units, including management personnel 8 units.
Of the 124 employees: Managers – 8 pcs .;
Experts – 6 pcs .;
Technicians – 5 pcs .;
Attendants – 1 pcs .;
Production personnel (workers) – 104 units .;
The structure of the company’s management: The highest person in the executive management body of the company Chairman, objectives and tasks of which are determined in accordance with the requirements of the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting of Shareholders.
Management now provides the Management Board.
The Board consists of:
– Chairman of the Board;
– Deputy Chairman of the Board;
– Chief Accountant.
– Head spetskolonny №1;
– The manager on work with shareholders.
Background on the executive body of the joint-stock company.

Chairman of the Board (executive body) – Chorshanbiyev Gayrat Rustamovich, born in 1969 Higher education.
Graduated – Tashkent State Agrarian University (1997.). Experience since 1986.







Deputy Chairman of the Board – Norov Sadykovich Musharraf, born in 1963 Higher education. Graduated – Tashkent Road Institute (1990.). Experience since 1978.






Chief accountant – Umirov Chori Ismailovich, born in 1959 Education – secondary – special. Graduated – Karshi Polytechnic College (1977.). Experience since 1977.






Acting Head special column number 1 – Juraev Zaynobiddin Sahadinnovich, born in 1973 Higher education. He graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation (1997.) Work experience since 1990.







for shareholders Manager – Safar Nurbapaevich Guliyev, born in 1968 Higher education. Graduated – Samarkand Cooperative Institute (2003.). Experience since 1987.






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